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Name:Captain Kathryn Janeway
Birthdate:May 20
Location:The Delta Quadrant


Born and raised in Indiana, Kathryn Janeway graduated from Starfleet Academy as a science officer. She grew up with her father, also a Starfleet officer, a mother, and a sister. She began her career after Starfleet Academy serving under Admiral Paris on the USS Al-Batani, and her first command was a mission into the Neutral Zone aboard the USS Voyager. There, the ship was transported to the Delta Quadrant along with a Maquis ship, with whom the Starfleet officers joined a originally unsteady alliance with. However, with the aid of her trusty second-in-command Chakotay, Janeway has blossomed as a captain and is determined to get her crew home as quickly as possible.

Period holo-novels and holodeck programs (especially the ones Tom Paris writes), playing velocity with the crew, drinking coffee, dogs, having dinner with Chakotay, hovering over B'Elanna's shoulder in engineering, reading, kicking the Borg's collective ass, cooking with a replicator, and taking long, hot baths.

Feeling out of control of a situation, being taken advantage of, the Borg Queen, aliens who hunt her crew, harass her crew, or attempt to harvest her crew's body parts, anything that hurts crew morale, dying.

To get her crew back to earth. She would like to have a family one day, but finds it unlikely due to her current position.

Kathryn Janeway is well-mannered and charismatic, but also stubborn and often extremely thick-headed. Her first priority is always the safety of her ship and crew, but thrown into the situation that she was on her first command, she spends much of the series growing and maturing as a starship captain. Janeway prefers diplomacy above all, but she can be drawn to extreme measures when pushed. While she prefers to talk and come to agreements, she will not put her crew in danger for the sake of peace. The truth is not true for herself, however; Janeway often puts herself in harms way in order to protect her crew. She does not always make the most logical decisions, much to Tuvok's chagrin, but she always does what she thinks is best for her crew.

Once engaged to a man name Mark, Janeway found her engagement ended once Voyager was able to make contact with the Delta Quadrant. She is determined to keep a strong relationship with her crew, as she finds that necessary to morale on the ship.

Her oldest and possibly closest friend on board is Tuvok. They have worked together for a long while, and Janeway shows implicit trust to her chief of security. She considers him a member of her immediate family, and she often turns to him in times of need, as he does her. Her other closest friend and confidant is her Maquis second in command, Chakotay. Although she and her commander often have tense altercations, she feels he keeps her grounded and she takes his words and advice to heart. Their relationship seemed to be headed in a romantic direction in the first few years together, especially after they found themselves stranded on a planet together for what they believed would be the rest of their lives. However, they never acted on their interest in each other, and their relationship settled in a close and unshakable friendship.

Janeway is charismatic and personable, and her crew finds her personable. Between spending her free time with her crewmen and protecting them with a fierce loyalty, Janeway has become a friend and maternal figure to most of her crew. She has developed a deep bond with most of her senior crewmen. She has been a mentor and mother figure for both Kes and Seven of Nine, and has helped mentor, notably, Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres to become strong and productive members of her crew. Due to their circumstances, she has come to view all the members of Voyager's crew as not simply crewmates beneath her command but family members, and for Janeway, her family is the most important thing in her life.


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